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People who have previously been out on a tour with me.

Artists who feel to re-connect to nature and tap into an inspiring source of creativity.

People who want to find out if they have what it takes to spend a night in the jungle.

I will never announce the names of the invited guests publicly and will not be posting anything about the experience. If the guests however want to share with the world, they are welcome and encouraged to do so.

Michael A. Maurus

spend a night in the jungle:


This experience can't be booked as it is invitation only and there will be no charge but I am happy to accept whatever you feel like donating for that experience.
You just bring whatever you plan on eating and drinking and your own hammock. If you don't have one, I will provide one for you.

Who will get the most out of this experience:

Once or twice a month I will open up my hut for two guests to experience a night in the jungle.

This is not for everybody as it is life in the jungle in its most pure and rudimentary way. There are no walls nor doors on my hut, just a hardwood floor and a thatched roof. There is nothing that separates us from nature and you will be sleeping in a hammock enjoying all the wonders the jungle has to offer.
Open, starlit skies, no noise or light pollution whatsoever just the sights and sounds of nature.

invitation only