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Unexcavated Maya Ruins

Over the years that I have lived in the jungle now, I have discovered many unexcavated Maya ruins, some of them just a stone's throw from my hut. As we traverse the sloping jungle terrain you can explore this part of the Maya heritage, tugged away and hidden for centuries. 

Typically we see wild spider monkeys and a variety of tropical birds in their breathtaking beauty.

Step into the primeval world of the jungle

Jungle Life

We start at 9 AM in Puerto Morelos and will be back at 1 PM

Adults: US $69.00 /

Children between  the age of 8 and 16 US $49.00

Includes transportation from and to Puerto Morelos 

Upcoming Tours:

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This experience is for travelers who want to immerse themselves into the beauty of the unspoiled part of the jungle along the Ruta de los Cenotes in Mexico's Riviera Maya.

Michael A. Maurus