Michael A. Maurus

Here's how the photo walk in Leona Vicario works:

To get the participants of these photo walks into the mood I take them to the little town of Leona Vicario where we walk along picturesque neighborhoods and I introduce them to the super friendly locals. These interactions not only open the eyes and hearts of the participants so that they can experience how to take a felt photo, but for many it is also the first time to be a part of the community of inviting and big hearted, ordinary Mexican people away from the big tourist centers. After lunch we drive to the jungle where I live, and I invite them to see my hut and the nearby Maya ruins for further great photo ops.

With these photo walks I feel that the participants will not only learn how to take better photos, but will also get a better feel for the Mexican and Maya culture way off the beaten track

I only take a maximum of 4 people and there is no minimum.
So if you are interested just
contact me .

Small groups only:

There is a maximum of 4 participants  per tour.

Adults: US $95.00 /

Children between  the age of 8 and 16 US $50.00

Children under the age of 8 are free
Fee includes transportation Puerto Morelos - Leona Vicario - Puerto Morelos

Upcoming Tours:

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photo walks in Leona vicario

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