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Michael A. Maurus

Tour to the maya hinterland

Portraits and documentary style photos are included:
If you are a family, a group or a couple this trip is perfect for you.
You get professional portraits, plus a complete journalistic style coverage of the entire day. 
This extra service is completely free of charge and you receive the photos in high resolution files so that you can print them. 

We start at 9AM in Puerto Morelos and will be back at 3PM

Maya Villages
Our first stop is in one of the Maya villages along the road where you can interact with the locals and see how the Maya of today live and how little has changed.

San Antonio de Padua:
Along the way you will discover one of the oldest churches in the Americas which was built in the late 1500's. There, Don Isidoro will show us around and tells us about the history of that church.

Pristine lagoon at the edge of the jungle:

After our church visit we go on a short drive to a privately owned and secluded lagoon. The view is breathtaking and you can swim there, use a kayak or just watch the abundant wildlife.

Traditional Lunch

After you worked up an appetite at the lagoon we are going to visit some of my Maya friends for a traditional lunch. 
The tortillas are hand-made from scratch and the choice is between Cochinita Pibil, Chicken Yucateca Style or fish. If you have any dietary restrictions let me know and we can make arrangements for that.

Secluded Cenotes:

On our way back to Puerto Morelos we will stop at one of the newly discovered cenotes for another photo op and to take a plunge.


Adults: US $125.00 /

Children between  the age of 8 and 16 US $60.00

Children under the age of 8 are free
Fee includes transportation, lunch, all admissions and professional photos of the day.
For groups and families of 6 or more a group discount is available.

Upcoming Tours:

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