excursions to the Maya hinterland

There is a maximum of 4 participants but an excursion for a larger family or group can be arranged.

6 hours  9.00AM - 3.00PM
​The tour starts and ends in Puerto Morelos.

US $125.00 per Person

A complete documentation of this trip with photos of you and your group is included without extra cost.

The natural interaction between the locals and the visitors is what makes these encounters a true cultural experience.
Not only for the visitors but also for the kids and any other locals we come in touch with.
There is no tourist hustle-bustle, just regular people from around the world meeting regular people from around here.
Everybody is relaxed and through natural curiosity can learn from one another.

Maya Villages
Our first stop is in one of the Maya villages where I have been friends with the locals for years now. We will visit an indigenous school and you can see first hand the improvements we were able to make with funds from this tour. After we spent some time with the teacher, the children and stroll around the village to meet the locals we move on to the next village.

Maya Beekeeping
The honey and wax of the stingless Melipona bee were used by the Maya in pre-hispanic time for religious ceremonies, medicinal purposes and as a sweetener. We will visit a remote village in the jungle where the Maya still use the traditional methods to extract this elixir.

Secluded Cenotes
There are several cenotes in this area which are hidden in the jungle. My friends always tell me about new ones and we will visit some of them for an invigorating swim.

We will have lunch at a private home of a Maya family which I have been friends with for a while. On the menu will be chicken and a variety of salsas. Some of which are spicy and some are not at all. 
The tortillas are made from scratch, starting with grinding the corn, and even expert foodies tell me that these are the best tortillas they ever had.

San Antonio de Padua
After lunch and before we make our way back to Puerto Morelos, we stroll the few hundred yards to the other side of the village where we will visit the ruins of San Antonio de Padua which was one of the first churches built after the Spaniards arrived in 1519. 

Immerse yourself into the world of the living Maya

Michael A. Maurus

photographer - Explorer - jungle guide