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photo walks in Puerto Morelos

Skill Levels:
All ages and skill levels are welcome and a stunning image is just a click away, whether you’re a newbie, amateur, or advanced photographer. 

Discover the "Colonia" of Puerto Morelos and become inspired to learn how to see creatively using your camera or smartphone.   

2 hours  9.00AM - 11.00AM

Adults: US $49.00 /
Children between  the age of 12 and 16 US $25.00 
Children under the age of 12 are free

Michael A. Maurus

There is a maximum of 5 participants per group


The Colonia of Puerto Morelos is where the locals live, work and play.
Follow along a leisurely stroll to get to know this part of Puerto Morelos where time seems to have stood still and the well-known friendliness and hospitality of the Mexican people is at its best.

During the walk, I provide creative photography tips and tricks and show you the best angles to shoot from so you can practice new techniques.
For those participants who are a bit inhibited photographing people on the street, I will show you how to approach and interact with your subject in a natural and relaxed way, regardless if you speak the local language.