photo walks in Puerto Morelos


This non-technical activity makes anyone a better photographer with ANY kind of camera.The aim of these Street&Travel Photo Walks is to give you the tools and the vision to look beyond everyday shots. 

There is a maximum of 5 participants  per tour.
The reason behind these small groups ? Imagine a tour bus full of photographers running around and trying to capture "real life".  I don't think so because the locals would run for the hills. A small group of 5 however can easily blend in and interact with the locals.

Here's how the photo walk in Puerto Morelos works:

We meet at the church in the town square on the beach side of Puerto Morelos at 9.00am
After introductions are made I show you camera specific settings for your DSLR, compact or cell phone and tell you the various approaches to get the best street photography shots.

​As a first step to blend in and become locals we will take a "Colectivo" to the Colonia of Puerto Morelos where the locals live, work and play. There we will touch the basic composition rules and I show you how to create stunning and engaging photographs that tell a story.
As we walk along friendly, scenic and unique neighborhoods ​you will be able to practice these techniques.
The tour takes about 2.5 hours and will end at the Taxi stand on the Colonia side.

I only take a maximum of 5 people and there is no minimum.
So if you are interested just contact me  or Chrystal Anne Mitchell  and we arrange something.

US $69.00

Upcoming Tours:
November 20, 2017 / November 25, 2017